Reviews for "Eol Catcher"


The animation was ok but the ship is too big, also, there should also be some kind of reason to collect Eol's. Power-up'scould be something else to add. If there are power-up's there should be a reason to do it.

exzeta responds:

I know this is not "a full game" BUT... i am a beginner in actionscript. So... you know its kinda hard

Not bad, but boring

The idea is not so bad, collecting items to gain points etc. The main problem with your game is that there is no challenge at all. There's nothing that can stop you from collecting more "eols".
Also, the rotation of the spaceship is a little strange and the stage is too small.

Nevertheless, nice try-

exzeta responds:

:D thanks

good concept

good concept but in my opinion you should of added enemies of some sort because after a bit it kind of gets repetitive boring enemies would add a challenge but for you first game you did a great job

exzeta responds:

:D people like my first game.

About your review:
The game had enemies in it but, you were supposed to die when you touched them. I knew to do this but it didnt work it just passed them like stars.