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Reviews for "Reach the End"


There's nothing really wrong that would label this game as bad. It was different from other cursor games, especially with the concept of a "true" end.

A few things I think you should work on are:
Improve graphics so the game could be more visually appealing.
Fix grammar and spelling so the game can seem more professional.
Make the game longer and try to implement even more ideas.

Overall, a great game worth playing, but still has plenty of room for growth.

maxman43 responds:

Thanks a lot! I'll be making Reach the End 2 with Flash 8, so the graphics will be better. I think I'll also add some platformer-type levels, and I plan on making it have at least 25 levels. As for grammer and spelling... well thats just not my thing. :D

Breath of fresh air

This is a very unothodox 'avoid' game. Very creative, one of a kind.

maxman43 responds:

Thank you! That's what I was trying to achieve, I didn't want it to end up just as a button game or just as a maze game, so this is actually the result of me trying to combine the two.


kinda crappy. These are very simple simple games that i get tired of seeing so unless something realy makes one stand out i dont think it shoudl stay. And its kinda stoupid to put a walkthrough for these games in the comment cause thats what takes the fun out of it. Cause most people lik eme like to read comments first and when i saw the walkthrough i didnt bother,

maxman43 responds:

Srry bought the walkthrough thing, didn't think about that.
Changed the walkthrough to a link to it, thanks for telling me.


Bad animation bad everything didnt understand the game nolol


sweet man!