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Reviews for "The Killer Robot Factory"

all was going well

Then my directional controls packed in; nice.

Found that bug, too

I found the bug Professor was talking about, but what I did was look a pair of moving arms. The robot seems to get hung up right on the edge of entering the arena. If you walk near the edges, the arms will follow your movement, showing you where it is. Great time killer, sir.

fun but buggy

Graphics are nice and it was fun playing this game while it lasted. There's at least two bad bugs, one annoying and other game breaking. The annoying bug is the wall-hit-lose-control bug. But since it's fun playing, that can be forgiven. The second bug however can't be forgiven, it's game breaking. I believe it was level 5, I had killed 109 robots, and it said 1 robot left. Where is that one robot? It's no where to be found. I tried shooting around the edges to no avail. It's game over right there.

Cutting out a lot of points for a game breaking bug, you should have really caught that in the testing phase. But I still recommend people trying the game, it was pretty fun.


For whatever reason, while playing I just went flying left and died because I hit a massive group of robots. Other than that, pretty good

nice but...

there is a bug, maybe its my comp but sometimes when pressing an arrow, the key stay frosed and the guy keep going in a direction. beside that its very good