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Reviews for "The Killer Robot Factory"

kill kill kill

i love it I kill all day

Hehe great game XD

Very simple, addicting and fun XD

pretty good but...

this game was awesome when i played it but i would end up glitchin into the wall and would be killed there or like Professor said, thered be one bot left and nowhere to be found. this happened to me on the last level. great game just needs some cleaning up.

glitches abound

nice game and i like that you can continue when you die, but i think the physics get messed when you have a lot on the screen as my guy was getting kicked around by explosion far from him and the speedy helper bots on lvl. 14 wouyld throw me across the screen. a nice top down game but these made it too hard even with upgraded weapons as i would get stuck to the wall and die that way or lose control of my character


It's a cool game but it's unplayably buggy, the character keeps getting launched to the edge of the screen and gets stuck. Also you might want to rethink the health and damage system, instead of getting bounced back and forth between robots closing in on you and dying (frustrating), you should make the character invinsible for a second or two after taking 1 hit. To keep the game balanced just give us like 6 life bars instead of a percentage.