Reviews for "You Cried Me"


really funny dude, thanks for making it =)


very nice made!!!its different than others....just no words to descibe it..... :D

asthmatickitty responds:

Thank you!


Your art style intrigues me, and for some reason reminds me of Super Jail.

Great choice of music and great animation. Don't stop, make more.

asthmatickitty responds:

I went to the same college (RISD) as Super Jail creator, Christy Karacas, although not at the same time. He's a bit older than I am. He's great. I love his work.


Wow man you actually put real thought into this! 111 thumbs up!

but only 1 problem... shouldnt the vampire burned up in the sun?


I heart this song!

And now, by osmosis, I heart your video. Much love to you and yours.