Reviews for "Ouija!!!"

Very entertaining!

I thought the animation must have been bad from the score, but It was really good! The dust blowing on the ground was really good, and the voice acting really was Excellent, compared to other movies. All the teenager languidge and the storyline was good, and also, the ending was really like it was going to continue!

Add one funny thing every episode... and... well... that is all actually!

Really good, when's the next part coming out?

seAnceTM responds:

thank you, i don't think we'll be making part 2 of this lol but i am working on something new that im sure you'll enjoy and the style is way different than this. :)

a fun lil halloween flash.

I'll keep this short and sweet. Its a fun watch. The VA work is pretty nice ^_~ all in all i have no complaints.


Turrible Storyline.

The animation and graphics were really good, kudos there.

i thought it was funny how everytime somebody said something to argue or make fun there were a bunch of chatter in the backround.

however, the ending made no sense. You should have spent longer on it and made a proper ending. or came up with a better one. It really didnt fit or make any sense at all.

Pretty good, but plenty of room for improvemnt.

Animation was fine, graphics were fine, voice acting was fine, but the sound editing needed a little work. Like the guy below me said, the sound effects were a little bit repetative - making them seem a little less natural. When I say sound editing, I mean that the dialogue volume was a bit low, and it lacked in a few ambient sound effects.

But the biggest problem which made me give it a 3 rather than a 4 or 5 was the lack of evident story. There was a clear background: Kids have come back from a trick or treat night. The character development is fine. It takes little time for me to tell them apart. But you didn't structure the whole thing very fluently. The narrative started off ok, but there wasn't really much going on before the ending came out of no where.

The graphics and animation in this flash could have been awful but a well structured story would make up for it. It is the most important part of any flash, as it gives a significance to all that goes on within it.

You've shown that you have skill, now I want to see it put into a better concept. Therefore I wish you luck on your next project.


The animation is pretty good in this little flash vid. So good job with that.

The sound effects were a bit off in the sense that they were obviously sound effects. They seemed almost out of place in a weird way to me. I'm not trying to nit pick, but they just sounded a bit too fake. You cut them off too quickly in areas and had some odd volume edits in others.

The voice overs were pretty decent. The only issue for me is that they are obviously all done by Gaia. Now that isn't a bad thing in the sense that she isn't a good voice actor. On the contrary, she is quite good. But this would definitely benefit from another voice actor helping out.

As with the animation itself, I enjoyed the artwork. I really felt the artwork enhanced the movie, so kudos there.

Lastly I personally feel it was a bit too short. But that is only my personal opinion, so take it as you will there.

5/5 and 9/10 overall. I enjoyed this little diddy. So nice work both of you. :-)