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Reviews for "Dem Pokermans"


Good comedy, low quality...gave me a few chuckles :]

It actually wasn't too bad

At first it looked like a mediocre flash, but it is actually pretty funny.
Work on your animation and drawing, and this could be a lot better though.

Could do better

While some parts were really funny other were kinda stupid particurly the joke that have been used before. Just nput some more time into it

Khorde responds:

I worked on this over time, and it took me about 2 months (of fooling around, playing games, blowing it off) to finish this.

I'm sorry if my first "good" flash isn't good enough for you.

This just proves...

That newgrounds will highly rate any crappily animated video game parody that has even a shred of humor. The audio wasnt clear in most of the video either. Those of you voting this a 10 or 9 are saying theres no differentiation between a well animated version of this with good art and sound. A well done flash and a mediocre flash are the same to you.

Art: 1/10
Animation: 1/10
Sound: 3/10
Humor: 7/10

Overall: 3/10
Vote: 1/5

an insult to pokemon everywere


Khorde responds:

You've obviously never poked fun at any game you've played.

I just thought, you know, why would Oak ask a person if they were boy or a girl?
Why do you just "stop" moving when someone approaches you for a battle.
Why do you get paid?

I'm sorry if this offended you, but lighten up.