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Reviews for "Dem Pokermans"


Khorde. Ive watched you progress over the years... and your so beautiful... *tears*

That was epic

You seem to have addressed all the problems with (the first 15 minutes of) the first Pokemon game in a very hilarious way. I applaud your efforts, and deduct one point for the animation :D everything else was good. You've got a future here, kid...

I win. Pay me.

Best Pokemon spoof ever. *favorite*

an insult to pokemon everywere


Khorde responds:

You've obviously never poked fun at any game you've played.

I just thought, you know, why would Oak ask a person if they were boy or a girl?
Why do you just "stop" moving when someone approaches you for a battle.
Why do you get paid?

I'm sorry if this offended you, but lighten up.

Lol@the easter egg

And I gave it a 5/5 because seriously, you may be overusing some memes but you use them so goddamn well that I burst in laughter.