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Reviews for "Dem Pokermans"


This was awesome! I hope you make more!


Talking about water gun we now have water sniper....this flash animator is a sick version of spongebob, ren ¬ stimpy tom fulp on crack-alcohol-mariguana all at the same time while debating about shit in the middle of the desert while wearing a chicken suit on august..........I LIKE IT ALOT ANYWAYS

I liked it!

I think the fact it was in black and white actually added to it, because Pokemon Red and Blue were both in black and white too. And while the art looks sloppy, I find that it fits the humor pretty well.

And the music was awesome. What's the music that plays when Oak throws the pokeball at Shanana? That part made me lol.

Khorde responds:

Dethklok "Deth Harmonic"

Lol funny videos ftw

Makes me want to pull out my old games and start over again :D
Awesome video, I luled a ton XD

They should make a pokemon game where you can choose if your mean or nice, and edit your chars appearence XD


Hai, btw.