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Reviews for "Don't Mess With Preloader"

potential - wasted

a) this isn't even a game. Its a relatively poorly drawn flash movie, in which i just click play
b) i was expecting a funny comical battle between a preloader and a something, but all that happened was a preloader hit 2 guys...

the only good part was the idea, and that is worth one star. And stop making sceptical comments to everyone, it will make them not just dislike this but you as well.

Nice idea doh

Im kinda dissapointed, because i was expecting a fight with a preloader, but i found this... all i did was pressing a button and its over ! :( maybe next time
good bye


It had great potential, but now that potential was used for a short-non enjoyable movie. You just used up a great idea and created nothing. Nice.

MindlessInsanity responds:

Why thank you


good enough idea. Could have been funny. Not much really happened. Not really interactive, you just start it and its over. If you classify it as a game/interactive people expect more interactivity. If you have a good comic idea people hope for you to make something of it.

could have been epic

The idea itself is quite awesome but how you did it was quite boring!
would love to see this made into a real game by a one of the bigger names in programming
i will admit this made me chuckle slightly so one star for that and one for the idea itself
well thats all i have to say
good bye and remember have a good day :D

MindlessInsanity responds:

Yes i can read, Canyouread.