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Reviews for "Green Bomber"


this game is amazing in its simplicity, the physics works great and i love the little back story, its kinda cute ^^, which is funny and ironic when you consider, if this was real, you would be mercilessly annihilating thousands of innocent people and laugh as they helpless bodies are ripped apart in the infernos of your bombs, it makes doing all that pretty and colourful.

and another thing, plx plx plx make a sequel, i loved this game and if you develop the story, like add characters and make it next time that your character is from redland and you have to invade the green empire, ahh and also you could make it so you can choose what bombs you can use, like an armor-piercing bomb which goes one square deep then explodes or an airburst bomb for maximum collateral damage, or like a concussive bomb with a small area of effect but gives of a lot of force so you can knock down stronger structures easier

its the little things in this game that i love so much about it, like the way you name the things in yellowland or the UC or the ranks you get.

okay ive been rambling quite a bit but this just shows how much i like this game :P

plx make a sequel and for that sequel

*make the gameplay longer
*more storyline and expand on the world
*different types of bomb and like maybe u can put a machine gun on the back of the bomber

you get two thumbs up from me, you should feel very proud cos i dont give many people even one thumb up


fun game. you should make sequels where you fight the other empires.

I really liked this game.

It's a simple and complex at the same time. I really like the way the missions are written. The only problem I noticed was on either the second or third to last level were you are not to damage a UC building. The physics were set up so that once enough blocks were moved it had a 'net' effect on the rest of the blocks, regardless of whether they touched or not. Still, after several tries I was able to get past that and really only regard it as a minor inconvenience. Overall, I really enjoyed this and I hope you back a sequel so we can take those Blue MF'ers out! haha

The perfect addicting game!

This is a great peice of work! I want a sequel of this game to be made! When can I expect a release date for it? Please, PLEASE respond to this.

Fun game

It has great fun-ness, and the difficulty is good. I find it hard to give any suggestions but yet it's not the best game I've ever played. I'm with phobia, make a sequel.