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Reviews for "Green Bomber"

Just One Small Problem

Excellent job on this game. Just one small issue though; why not make falling civilian building damage your targets, rather than just requiring hits from bombs. This would make this game nearly perfect then, as realistic damage would be a result.

I really liked this game.

It's a simple and complex at the same time. I really like the way the missions are written. The only problem I noticed was on either the second or third to last level were you are not to damage a UC building. The physics were set up so that once enough blocks were moved it had a 'net' effect on the rest of the blocks, regardless of whether they touched or not. Still, after several tries I was able to get past that and really only regard it as a minor inconvenience. Overall, I really enjoyed this and I hope you back a sequel so we can take those Blue MF'ers out! haha

not that bad

but not that good either,upgradable bombs would alot better,a better physics engine,and a the ability to pick a different plane,between ones that drops bombs straight down,or one that shoots further,otherwise,its not that great


fun game. you should make sequels where you fight the other empires.

Fun game

It has great fun-ness, and the difficulty is good. I find it hard to give any suggestions but yet it's not the best game I've ever played. I'm with phobia, make a sequel.