Reviews for "Kittens and Stuff"

This is terrible

Kevin Xu doesn't wear GAP, he wears ADIDAS

Smidly responds:


A heartbreaking work of staggering genius.

Another masterpiece. The music is so addictive. My favorite contributor was kxu1337- namely the aesthetic appeal of the intro to his piece. Complicated stuff going on there. The piano is stuck in my head and refuses to escape, it is that addicting. An appropriate use of humor- I approve of fair distribution! This flash shall also receive 5's from me in some unforseen time in the future. It needs to be seen by the masses- they need to exposed to true greatness, in its many forms. May you continue to produce incredible work that opens the eyes, and leads to enlightenment. Food for a starved soul, bereft of real art.

Smidly responds:

Danke, Pibbs in the blue.

absolutely fantastic

without doubt the best thing i have ever seen on newgrounds, the subtext really got through and the way he painstakingly animated each frame between the tween, you can tell he hasnt used shape tweening

Smidly responds:

Wooouldn't it be nice if we were framing? Eating all the scoops o' carrion?

Oh whoa

Mexicans and all that great stuff wonderful

Smidly responds:

Converse: If it is wonderful, then it has Mexicans and all that great stuff.

Statement: If and only if it is wonderful than it has Mexicans and all that great stuff.


In order of best to worst...

1. Kexin Xu's is the best. With the Kevin Xu rap. You got his voice PERFECTLY.
2. Knightmare's is second best, simply because you got his fail fail fail quote in.
3. Then your's for the deportation joke...
4. Mine's was the worst. WTF. You just made a commie joke and that's it. <.<; And you're makin' every'un think I contributed to this. <_<;

Smidly responds:

YO THANKS DUDE! How are you able to review this when your a contriubutor?