Reviews for "El Fin"

hot damn dats fine paper makin

I dig dis so much, I love the style, the plot, unique character design, and it's very impressive that this is your first animation. A very nice treat, outstanding job... punk ass busta

el fin de que? xDDDDD

hahahaha esta excelente la animacion, aunque... no tiene precisamente un sentido o un motivo de el porque lo mato xDDD pero weah!! esta de tetomanos! XDD buen trabajo man XDD ta muy bien la animacion, buen estilo y todo! Xd

Welly well well

I must say for your first flash this is quite an accomplishment. great job 5/5


i loved the style of it all and the antagonist this whould make a great sires

wayyyyy too good to be a first

u sure this your first time or did u just really take your time?cool idea for the grim reaper or whatevever that was.