Reviews for "El Fin"

Strange But Good

awesome drawing man good first flash :3 some day I will have a flash too

wayyyyy too good to be a first

u sure this your first time or did u just really take your time?cool idea for the grim reaper or whatevever that was.

Pretty good

I think that it's very good for your first animation but I felt that the whole thing went by a bit slow. Next time, speed it up a bit. Otherwise, I really liked the art on the "monsters", so keep up the good work.

Nicely done

For your very first movie I must say this is outstanding work. The animation is very well done and and the story really moved along nicely. It seemed a little short but overall the story is pretty good. The imagery of the underworld is very imaginative and the music overall is fitting.

In general a pretty good movie and I hope to see more from you in the future. Keep up the good work!

i love your drawings XD

nice flash movie and awesome background drawings XD keep it up! someday ill post a flash too XD