Reviews for "El Fin"


Very Original....I like 10/10 5/5

It's time to duel!

Great clip!

Good Job

The art was good and well done, the frame-by-frame was also swell.
My main problem was that you need to work on tweens. There are a lot, so I highly recommend easing. Just select a frame on a tween, go to properties, and drag the easing bar. For most of the tweens, I would use plain 100 easing, so they end smoother and not abruptly. If you made the easing change and resubmitted the animation, that would be great.

Pegosho responds:

cool tecnhique, i'm gonna check it out, thx. I prefer frame by frame but it's alot easier to use tween, but with your technique it might actually looks smoother.

thanks alot! :D


Me gusto mucho la animacion...estuvo bien hecha por ser tu primera vez. =]

pretty cool!

thats some very origional looking animation. dont see that often anymore. i liked the music and how it helped greatly with the atmosphere.