Reviews for "El Fin"


I just commented your pico flash and is was very keen on seeing other things u have done. Now i find this one, which is also very good, and wonder... Did you just make TWO flashes to become this good? Your understanding of Room, shadow, movement and colours is so very impressive that i would like to see what u had done before... Is there anything that you shared with the world except these two?


eventhough it's a bit late for me to watch halloween stuff, it's a nice work :D
i like the way the story proceeds and your style of animating is good eitcher.
your characters are non-mainstream in my eyes, cause they're new and i like the "reaper" at the end the most :)
you could have spared the last picture in the elevator but that's just my opinion



very creepy stuff

great animation, liked the idea of it as well, at least what I think is the idea. that no matter how you die (falling down an elevator shaft) death comes for you first

very Kool

:D Woo.

For your first animation, this is REALLY well done. A tad bit confusing, but I like the dark style to it. :D Great job!