Reviews for "El Fin"


I love the camera angles, expression.coloring...everything!


I loved it.

You animate VERY well, and for your first submission, this is incredible. The way you blur things your eyes aren't focused on, your shading and light effects, everything was flawless.
Graphics: 10/10. You couldn't possibly do better.
Animation: 10/10. Your character's walking cycle and just about everything else looked just about perfect.
Sound: 10/10. You had sound effects for everything, even the elevator. The music was fitting.
Overall: 10/10. I will be surprised if you don't get a 4+ and daily feature. Good luck on your future flash animations!

First flash?

For a first that was pretty damn good. I thought the art was pretty good, Animation wasn't great, but far from bad, and in terms of a Halloween flash I'd say you hit the nail on the head. I can see how hard you worked on this, so perfect 10.


Hey.. an awesome debut!!! Added u to my fav artist, cuz I believe u can create something wonderful in ur next projects. haha..

VERY VERY impressive first project! hehee

Pegosho responds:

Thanks alot akoRn! :)