Reviews for "El Fin"


animation and graphics are amazing

One for the front page...

Keep this up and I think Newgrounds has witnessed a rare event indeed, the birth of yet another Flash God.

Considering this was your first flash, it was brilliant, absolutely flawless. So there's no way I could possibly write any 'constructive criticism' below, because quite frankly, there's none to be said.

I really hope this inspires more to take up flash, because as proven, if your willing to put in the work. Greatness will be achieved.


Pegosho responds:

wow, your comment made my day. Thanks man! I'll try to improve to make even better animations. :)

"El Fin" = "The End", but...

...for you, it is only the beggining. Such dedication, especially for your very first animation, is something I truly admire. You can only improve from this point on... unless your life hits the dumps, but lets hope that doesn't happen.

I must say that the final product was worthy of praise. What caught my eye the most was the amazing art style, really it was the best. Your animation had some tiny nitpickings, but mostly, it was very good. The only things that may throw the whole thing off were some sounds, since that seemed just a bit off synch.

Haha, Halloween... My, I haven't had a true Halloween in ages, the Halloween spirit is dead in my country when you compare it to other countries. Anywho, it's late by a whole day, but have a late nice Halloween wish.

The End...

That was a pretty good short for a first timer. In fact, it was pretty awesome in my view! It was well animated, skillfully drawn, keenly painted, and most of all, it had a shocking ending not for the faint of hearts.

You might wanna consider maybe changing that T rating to an M rating, cause that was quite a mess of Elfen Lied proportions!
Remember, T rated blood and violence comes in pint sizes, or green, or bloodless carnage with black etchings ala Princess Mononoke... Then again, there's always the question of vaguely humanoid people ala Metal Slug where the carnage can be higher than Mortal Kombat yet still earn a T because the characters are so small.

Pegosho responds:

i was thinking on it, but it was just a scene plus it zoom out fast enough for people to not see it clearly....but yeah, it was quite a mess lol.

thx for the review Alter.

hot damn dats fine paper makin

I dig dis so much, I love the style, the plot, unique character design, and it's very impressive that this is your first animation. A very nice treat, outstanding job... punk ass busta