Reviews for "El Fin"

oh wow

my expectations were blown away. that was awesome stuff.


very nice. it played together real smoothly


Muy buena animacion sigue asi xD


well done, you've made an engaging and well drawn film here. The drawing and animation get better as the film progresses, and though the style is reminiscent of manga, it still has an underlying technique that feels uniquely yours. I can't wait to see what you come up with next, but of course I will have to wait... as you mentioned these things take a long time to make.

el fin de que? xDDDDD

hahahaha esta excelente la animacion, aunque... no tiene precisamente un sentido o un motivo de el porque lo mato xDDD pero weah!! esta de tetomanos! XDD buen trabajo man XDD ta muy bien la animacion, buen estilo y todo! Xd