Reviews for "El Fin"


This is the creator of 'Lychgate.'
I really hope this does well. I think it's underrated. The animation, the concept, the creepiness, all of it together is worth more than 4.10.
Good luck!

Pegosho responds:

thanks MarcK! I really liked your animation too, very surrealistic. Let's hope our animations get what they deserve if not we'll have to make an even better one and you know what, we are in the right track. Let keep it up. :)


why d you kill the main character? he was a cool looking fella. huh come he didnt fight back or anything? heheh

Pegosho responds:

He needed to die man, he was such a pain in the azz to draw and animate. :P

dios mio!

me gustaria que a mi se me dara tan bien xd
para ser el primero, es estupendo!
me encanta el personaje del ascensor, ademas tu tecnica es genial!
me ha encantado!
por favor, crea mas c;


for your first.. thats pretty awsometastically stupenduously cool man!

Well that was interesting...

I liked the idea and the flash itself was kinda creepy... but it was a bit too decent...
And what made this vid creepier but made it less scary was the elevator music that was playing for the entire clip...
But for your first one that was excellent XD