Reviews for "El Fin"


i loved the style of it all and the antagonist this whould make a great sires

This is good, too good

Why do I doubt that this is your first flash? Maybe this is your first flash here on Newgrounds but not your first period.

Pegosho responds:

well, i did a Christmas flash for last year's contest but didn't made it in time. I learned all i needed to know from that flash, then i made this one. Really, isn't that complicated ones you know the basics of animation and a little of flash.

thx for your review gamefreak, glad u liked it. :)

Welly well well

I must say for your first flash this is quite an accomplishment. great job 5/5

they actually dun make 13th floors for that reason

you think im kidding

next time you're in the city, look for a 13th floor in the elevator

Pegosho responds:

lol, i know. I live in an apartment and the 14th floor is actually the 13th floor but they changed it in order to satisfy superstitious people in that floor.

thx for the review.

The moral: Take the stairs, fatty.

Very good for your first animation. I almost docked you points until I saw that that was the case. There's always room for improvement, but you're off to a very strong start. Keep it up!