Reviews for "GRIM art collab"


i really enjoyed it :D

acedareaper responds:

thank you for your nice comment.

Really great and fun

Happy to be part of a collab that caters to my art style hehehe.

Like EJR said the transition between drawings was too slow. It was awesome, I enjoyed seeing the different artists, most of which were awesome. I think the music was a good choice too.

acedareaper responds:

im happy to have gotten to make such a collab.

more updates to the collab and more music will be done within the time given.

thank you for your review.

Totally unbiased review

Fairly good quality control here, good art, fun artists.
The fade out for lights off is pretty neat, but my only problem is the animation as it's going into the art, it get's a little bumpy, but just a minor bump, the main thing is the art and that's what matters the most.

acedareaper responds:

the doors will be fixed soon thank you for your review.


That's some really nice piece of art you've got there ^^ They were really good, and the way you present them was also great. Nice music chose :)

acedareaper responds:

thank you the artists worked very hard on their pieces.


Sweet, looks great.

acedareaper responds:

thank you