Reviews for "GRIM art collab"

wow :D

im really glad that i got to be in this marvelous and "grim" collab great job everyone i love how it turned out :D

acedareaper responds:

were happy how it turned out too.

nice to have your submission in thanks for the review.


Great music, and really well done layout. The intro was sweet too! This is definitely one of the more well organized collabs from the art forum, and I am delighted to have had a picture in it :) very nicely done!

acedareaper responds:

thank you for your review and were happy to have a submission from you in it too.

Dang bro :D

This turned out really really good :)

I'm glad I got invovolved <3

acedareaper responds:

we thank you for being involved and hope you get involved in any other collab we make.


I thought this was a cool art collab. Alot of the pictures were really big and simple, which is the kind of drawings I love.
The only thing that I didn't like was all of the black empty space. The whole layout seemed a little lacking, I wish you would've filled in that area with a drawing or something. Other than that, I really liked this.

acedareaper responds:

thanks for your review and the black space shall be filled in another update.

Some good work

Sweet job. I do have some critiques:
-Like the other people said, faster
-I only could get to picture 37/38 because you started at picture 0 instead of 1

otherwise, it was awasome. great collab

acedareaper responds:

thank you for your review the flash has been updated to be a bit faster and ill address that number problem sometime soon too.