Reviews for "GRIM art collab"


didnt like most of them

Good Job

I actually liked alot of those pics. Many of the artist in this collab have great talent. And the others, i can see them becoming even better. The music really fit the theme of this collab. So don't get discourge by the other viewers respones soo much and conutine to make good art work. XD


there were some that were good but most of it is nothing special. its uasually a blob or a worm thing. to be honest the fact that its just a bunch of pictures is why its not the best thing around

acedareaper responds:

the thing with reviews is that there are a few good reviews but most just undercut the flash in review, which is why those reviews suck.


Great Collab!

well done, to everyone in this collab, there are some nice pics in the collab and i really liked the music, although the only thing that brought it down from a 10 was that its just pics theres now extras, mini-games or small cartoons/animation besides the intro.
9/10 and 5/5

acedareaper responds:

thank you for your review, were currently trying to fit the extras the people worked hard on in.


came out alright but when are the easter eggs being added

acedareaper responds:

sorry ash it seems that we cant compress the file enough to fit the files in.

we will keep trying.