Reviews for "Chew your food."


should have told me it was a loop

TheBoogley responds:

nah... :3


the way that cow ate the grass from his lips made me thaught it was green cotton candy but see through, mmm... cotton candy :D

TheBoogley responds:

yeah, It's not so much grass, cotton candy is more like it... I'm not sure what that's all about.

It's so good. I'm green with envy loololo

The animation was very smooth. I could watch this for HOURS. Btw, is it normal to get an erection watching this?

TheBoogley responds:

I don't think it is, but I suppose it's better to have one than not have one


i don't know why, but the chewing sounds helps me relax...

TheBoogley responds:

I don't know why, but I'm frightened of you... :3

The sound... the SOUND

I could LISTEN to this eight days straight and not get tired of it... But the animation is so cool, too! It will never get old...

Cows are adorable. Especially when they're eating. XD

TheBoogley responds: