Reviews for "Chew your food."


awesome dud tripping fat cow

TheBoogley responds:

The day you signed up for Newgrounds was my 28th Birthday! That's gotta mean something!! :D


do you like my bday message :3
have a good 1
and yes you should chew your food because mums are always right!

TheBoogley responds:

especially other peoples hot mums :)

looks good

I'll have what he's eating. It looks enjoyable, yet dangerous.

TheBoogley responds:

only dangerous stuff tastes delicious, safety is bland.


How did you come up with this idea? XDD
Pure genious, haha =D

TheBoogley responds:

I made it in five hours on the day of the screening, it's funny what comes out when you just put your head down and bash something out :3

strange sounds...

and a fun little movie. I'm still trying to understand why I keep replaying this for the last 4 minutes...

you have a cool attitude to details!

TheBoogley responds:

thanks! don't fight it, just go with it... :3