Reviews for "Chew your food."


This is good animation. Who knew watching a cow chew grass could be so amusing.

But here's what I'm REALLY thinking.

I would like to see a challenge to ALL Newgrounds flash artists to do something with this exact audio clip. I could only imagine the hilarious results, half of which, being dirty.

Anyway, good job!

TheBoogley responds:

that's a hilarious idea! :D

This is correct.

Love that loading animation. And happy bday. i'll try to make something as correct as this.

TheBoogley responds:

you gave me a tick
*scratch scratch* :3


It sounds like me when i eat :3

TheBoogley responds:

om nom nom nom :U
om nom nom nom :V


what a cute and cuddly cowy! nom nom nom! choke! nom nom nom! it goes over and over again!

TheBoogley responds:

he just loves that freaky looking marshmellow grass


Sounds like deep-throat.
Awesome animation. Fuck!! I jizzed, sorry. XD

TheBoogley responds:

eewwww... stop that. {:0