Reviews for "Chew your food."

Thankyou sir

I watched this for hours and regret nothing
Although im giving it a "3" because I'm jealous that you did it all for mr konni down there

TheBoogley responds:

No retreat, no surrender, no regrets, there can be only grass! :O
mmm, eyelids-pie! delicious! :D

great man!

this was really relaxing to watch for 57 minuts and 34 seconds...

TheBoogley responds:

some fine wine, cheese, a little candle light, and a chewing cow... perfection

Another entertaining animation from you.

Here's a question. How can you make good crap making me really impressed? Like, all your clips were very nice and made my day. I just want you to make more animations for me to watch. Did you know you were my first favorite author? When I was first signed up for Newgrounds, you were so far one of my first best authors!

I really wanna thank you for submitting these clips, I enjoy them, love them, wanna marry them, and even more good things! I just don't know why you're so excellent in making some excellent animations. You deserve 3 awards for EVERY single animation, yep, I said it. And also some of the parts in this animation were pretty funny, the part when he eats the food and burps and other stuff like that, added to favorites and you deserve a 5 on this submission.

This is my last review or the day, you are a lucky dude! Also I can't believe this is my 4th or my 5th ever animation I have reviewed. This is the most review for only one author! That means you are my most Favorited author! I am really glad you are my most favorite author, you really deserve it. You know what; I will just bookmark your Newgrounds' page right now! However, here are my overall scores:

Graphics: 100/10
Comedy: 100/10 (I think it's funny... Other people don't.)
Sounds: 10/10
Animation: 100/10
Rating Score: 5/5

I really enjoyed this animation, now it's time you enjoy my review! So enjoy my review! Oh yeah, Happy Be-Lated Christmas!

TheBoogley responds:

thanks mate, happy late christmas to you too!
Behave yourself this New Years, I don't want to have to bail you out of jail again... :3

omg lol wtf lmao rofl

I've found myself sitting in front of it for minutes when I realized that is is infinitive

TheBoogley responds:

I figured it was the sort of thing that people would get sick of fairly quick anyway.


That was so EPIK!!!!

TheBoogley responds:

for reals? you're crazy :3