Reviews for "Chew your food."

where's the rest of the meal?

I said a caesar salad, loaded baked potato, pumpernickel bread, and steak.

and for desert, BIRTHDAY CAKE, happy late b-day

(enjoy your meal, haha)

TheBoogley responds:

that sounds so much better than grass. :)

I dare you...

...not to reply to this message :3

This is correct.

Love that loading animation. And happy bday. i'll try to make something as correct as this.

TheBoogley responds:

you gave me a tick
*scratch scratch* :3

You are quite talented

I really loved this. The way that your animation looks so rubbery makes it fit in with any wacky and crazy concept. I loved the way you synced up those hilarious sounds you made with the way the cow was eating grass and choking on it. Plus the way you exploit reality and made him chew the grass that was inside of him since he was a transparent layer. I always find your cartoons unique and entertaining.

TheBoogley responds:

I added the grass/jelly stuff at the end. I confess. I cheated. He was chewing on nothing and it looked weird, so I gave him some jelly stuff. I'm glad it looks okay. Thanks mate! :)


always enjoy your short films :) like the animation and the nice little facts you gave about the cows :D haha keep up the great work!

TheBoogley responds:

fact, cows have milk in their udders, but bulls don't have milk
and that's not an udder your holding... :3