Reviews for "MonsterTime"

Love it!

I love this. Reminds me so much of the old Ness games. Good music selection, controls, and game theme. Wonderful

Oh Yes!

OMG, I used to love playing BugerTime on the C64, Such a Lovely twist on a old classic!

ohmygodbest game ever!!!

now all i need is tha oiginal...


Great game, instant favourite!

This game is an absolute classic with such modern and even classical spins that I am completely enthralled by it. I myself am a huge fan of the classic universal monster movies so its really a treat seeing them appear in the lime light again. I also loved the idea of the modern day horror icons coming to stop you and kill you in various ways. The music is a great homage in its own regard. The 8-bit style is greatly appreciated as well. This game is such a wonderful little thing its very enjoyable to play with its sleek and stylish design and the way its flows is just excellent. Its great to play around Halloween but really its fun all year around. You make some good things and this is one of them. Overall this is really a great game mixed with just the right amount of difficulty to make you come back for more, its also very rewarding when you beat the level. The medals are also incredibly well done and I find myself coming back in attempts to win them all. The musics great, art style is fantastic, and is just all around a very well made game. I really enjoyed this one, so nice job man. Anyone should really try and pick up and play this game, especially if you're a horror movie fan. Check it out. Because you really can't beat the classics.