Reviews for "MonsterTime"

Utterly Classic

That is exactly why it is wonderful. You bring back the goodness in old gaming as well as the greatness in old monsters. :]

Great stuff!

I was very impressed by this and I believe I can now safely say that this is the best Halloween themed game I've seen on this website! I had no idea where it was going at first with the instructions. I thought maybe it was a side-scoller, but I realize it was something much better. The set was Donkey Kong-like and I liked how it really made the player think about strategy and how to solve things. It was cool to lure monsters into being hit by body parts. This was a wonderfully fun and original idea! Oh, and happy belated Halloween.


Just like the original, this is kind of repetitive, but totally addictive. :D
Great job.


This game is something I'd expect to be a hidden gem on the NES. Good job not letting medals be acquired on Easy Mode. There are too many easy medals on NG... need some harder ones here and there! ;) Awesome game, keep it up!

Mockery responds:

Our thoughts exactly. You can easily earn plenty of medals in this game in Normal mode in the first few stages alone. Then if you want to earn some of the tougher medals, you've just gotta practice... that's all it takes. Thanks for playing!


Epic win.