Reviews for "MonsterTime"

What the?

Ok i gotta tell you should be arrested for making such a good game. addictive, fun and creative and i love the classics, your a genious and i love this game 10/10.

Really fun

It's actually pretty fun once you get the hang of it (and don't forget to read the instructions like me ^^; I forgot about the limit on his items). Overall the graphics are just neat, the gameplay is fun, and I really love the music (I just wish that the Monstertime theme and the version of that Castlevania 2 song were available on Newgrounds to listen to, both are seriously addicting ^^).

LOLOLROFLOL!! 10/10 5/5!!!



Who would have expected a Burgertime clone? COOL!

to get the medal u need to play normal mode easy mode is for pratice