Reviews for "MonsterTime"


you give added points but hardly any weapons to defend yourself against the monsters, then you progressively gain less ground to move and nothing to defend yourself. Great idea for a game, give the person ZERO Replay value.

Mockery responds:

TRANSLATION: "OMG! I didn't do very well the first time I played this game! That's crazy! It's not like all the other modern games that give you eleventy-bajillion continues and don't require any strategy whatsoever! WAH! WAAAAAH! Oh, what's that? There are lots of people getting nearly 200,000 points on the high scores list and replaying the game constantly? Wow... I guess I really AM just awful at computer games. Time to go back to playing my old Mouse Trap board game instead. Megatron 3666 out."

what a fucking waste of time dude

great game i like old games like this and everything but the medals are broken i made evertyhing up to the invisble man i lost making him and i didnt get a single medal for making any monster WTF

This is a fantastic game, but the medals don't work. I got the invisible man and the phantom of the opera and didn't get them.

From now on I'm going to give a 0.5 rating on games that don't have working medals. Harsh, I know, but I'm getting tired of putting mins/hours whatever into a game and not getting recognition for it.

There are no continues. I couldn't stand having to keep starting all over again.