Reviews for "MonsterTime"


love the music selection.
and the 'game over' screen crazked me right up.
awesome game!!!

I love the older version of this game

A wonderful blend of halloween and an old game.

Great game!

Really takes me back, and I love how you incorporated the monsters.
As for the people whining about the difficulty level: yes it is difficult, but it wasn't easier back in the day, everyone's just been spoiled by games where you can sit in a corner and regen, or where you get 70 billion retry's, no, screw that, test your skill, work on it, improve, get frustrated and eventually win.
That's what gaming is about, and if you just want to stroll through popsy-lala land, go buy pokemon or something just don't start talking nonsense about the arcade games of yesteryear.

Once again, thanks for making this.

music of game over?

Can someone please tell me the name of the music after game over?

Damn hard....

But I really love the Ideas. Very awesome game overall.