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Reviews for "Dr. Shroud : Skeletons"

great movie

man nice movie keep the good work!

It's been aeons since the last dr. shroud episode.

What a joy that we have received a worthy continuation to the saga.

robfeldman responds:

Thanks, man. Those words are the kind that keep me going.....

The other green dude, is he a zombie?

Awesome, but, is that green dude a zombie?

robfeldman responds:

Time will tell, but close. You'll be seeing him again.


I still prefer green. so many heroes go tim burton on us. greens just more retro.

Took me longer to figure out than it should

The last guy killed in the flashback was the man in the theater! Also I think you showed the story the "seven in one blow" line came from. I also saw on another website that the "dream within a dream" came from Poe. How much stuff like this was did I miss in the previous episodes? Also I don't know if this is good bad or indifferent but this episode kinda highlights how much the series has changed since "Alley of Dolls". Shoot I said also a few times too many, sorry.

robfeldman responds:

Wow---amazing! You were really paying attention, very cool! I really did not think anyone would catch on to things like that so early on and you are dead on with it all. I hope it is not too much, 'cause it all adds up at the end with the final episodes. There are a few references in previous episodes, especially the Boy in the Box, but this set of stories definitely has some heavier stuff. Thanks for watching and the in depth feedback, much appreciated!