Reviews for "Escape Pico's Mansion"

i beat the game

i beat the game!


it sucks boring like the programmer of this game

answer for rusty spoon

the spoon is in the drawer behind darnell carefull not to touch the candy its bad and then go to the last room on the right wit the purple guy and put the spoon in the water but make sure theres water in sink or it wont work


You Just been Played...

That was the Ending... Hahhaaa... Damn..

how to get moneymaker: after you get the first red diamond, you are going to notice the picture its back to his place, remove it, enter the combination again (to get it you need to find the secret room: in the library there is a book that you click and a secret passage opens) and you are going to get it another time, then repeat this until you get 10x diamonds and you are going to get the medal
Hope this helps