Reviews for "Escape Pico's Mansion"


This game is very easy just as it was fun. Heh as many Newgrounders submit their work for holloween the dude who created " Escape Picos School " comes and makes a sequal just in a haunted mansion i can't see anything wrong with this but it's hard to get the money maker award but that's not your problem it just adds to the challenge i award you 10 stars and i wish you and everyone else a Happy Holloween

14hourlunchbreak responds:

I was worried people would think it was the same game but in a haunted house. I'm glad you enjoyed it. :D

awesomely fun

one thing tho: if you keep clicking darnell after getting his turtle, he will keep on giving you candy, till you have the max amount, then you can escape, so you might wanna fix that. other than that, very fun to play and figure out

just some help

first thing when u get the spoon (in the drawer with the candy on it (if u eat that candy u die no really) u go 2 sink then click hot water tap and then the water and the secret room u need 2 click the pink book.
the safe code which is in the secret room is 8259
there is a brown whip looking thing in ur room give 2 nene (wonder woman)
4 the gun go 2 where the sink is and open the cupboard and then get the spraypaint
there is a pie in the fireplace
i forgot some other info but this may be important (especially to u spoon haters)

Great Game

The whip is between the lamp in the room where you start.
The diamond is under the blue picture and the code is 8259.
And btw get 10 diamonds to get the achivement Money Maker.
The chainsaw is under the couch between the castle crusher.
The pie is in the fireplace in the same room as Saladfingers.
In the restroom there is a mirror behind it ther is a part of the
gun and the other part of the gun is between the wonder woman guy.
And the spoon is in a drawer behind the guy who lost his turtle.
The take the spoon go to the restroom and put the spoon in the
water then it will be rusty so you can give it to Saladfingers.
To find the secret room with the turtle push the pink book in
the room between the room with the guy asking for the turtle.
The give the whip to the wonder woman guy.The two parts of the gun
to the madness guy.One diamond to the green slime.The Chainsaw to the
purple guy in the rest room.The pie to the weebles.The rusty spoon to
Saladfingers and the turtle to picos friend.And if you want the die achivement then eat the candy on picos friends drawer.

good game

thanks for the help