Reviews for "Escape Pico's Mansion"

this puts pico to shame

okay pico school was the first game i played on newgrounds about 10 years ago, so i was excited when I saw pico on the title, but this game is awful. the animation is horrible, like the guy below me said you can barely tell its pico unless your a fan of pico and had an idea. in fact you can barely tell who any of the characters are. The game play was a pico type of game but it missed the action scenes pico is famous for. i was disgusted by this game, please dont add pico to the title to make it score extra points.

14hourlunchbreak responds:

My first title idea was PICO PICO PICO, but I thought that would attract to much attention.

stupid and buggy

First of all, it looks like shit! Pixelated graphics is not cool, I don't understand how some people can like that.
Than there is the music: it's acceptable at first, but it gets annoying pretty soon, and, like in every bad games, it can't be turned off!
The game itself is really stupid, there is no fun in it at all, just playing an errand boy pixelhunting for items and exchangeing them for candies. The talks are as flat as possible, and they repeting if click the character again, instead of haveing a sort line for second talks.
Top of these, I couldn't even finish the game, becouse of a bug: Salad Fingers didn't accept his spoon, so I couldn't get the last candy.

14hourlunchbreak responds:

Glad to know you liked it! Also, Salad Fingers is a little tricky now isn't he? He likes his spoons rusty. If only there was something that could make metal rust. Bah, I just can't think of anything. Oh well.

glitch with salad fingers

i've found the rusty spoon but it won't let me give it to him. everytime i click on him he just tells me to find the spoon.