Reviews for "Escape Pico's Mansion"

Lol, Castle Crashers ending ftw

Beat in 5 minutes but it was totally worth it.Doesn't make sense to me but atleast it entertained me for about 5 mins.


I noticed a few things though -- Salad Fingers won't accept your spoon, There is no pie or chainsaw, and you can get 4 pieces of candy from the guy that needs his turtle.

Awsome game

Point and click games are always fun cause its gives you a better imagintion about things btw money maker medal is get the diamond from the safe 10 times!


that was fun. I got all medals XP
I was stupid enough to kill myself twice.

Nice Pico game.

Though this game wasn't long nor difficult it was still a fun festive game for Halloween plus Pico games always have that sense of charisma to it,i loved the pixelated graphics and the script was good as well,overall i liked this game and think you did a solid job on it.


to get moneymaker get the red diamond 10 times