Reviews for "Escape Pico's Mansion"

me neither.

... I cant ge back into the secret room...

I rate it 2.5 stars because it's good but there's a bug where you cant get the spoon or enter the code so that put it off for me.

Another decent game of pico

Ok so heres another pico game, notbad at all on this one i guess i could understand the "SIZE" it was abit much but then again the content was really good so in the end it was worth it, and congrats on winning an award on this so guess it reaaly was all worth it, also like the addition of medals on this one, that made it that much more fun and entertaining, Only problem for me. also love how this is in the whole "PIXLE" form, almost reminds me of my series and ghost motel. so anyways onto the game, I am glad youkept the same style as the old and original pico games, still had that feel and such, so anyways good game here i really liked it, keep up the awsome work, i look forward to more from you.

So this was pretty good pretty close to the original, and the medals were neat, onlything i can suggest would be lower filesize somewhat.

A fun pico game alot like the originals, everyone should enjoy this one, as i did.

sorry but i dident like it too much going on alough i liked weeble and dad.[nice touch]