Reviews for "Don't Feed the Zombies!"


DUDE I've been looking for you for years on Newgrounds waiting for you to SCARE THE crap out of me I miss you >:3 and DeadRain/Death's Curtain I wanted to be scared this Halloween so Im gonna watch your vids :P BEST HORROR ARTIST EVAR~~


Oh man that was awesome! The ending loop made me grin, a job well done!

Damn that was golden parody.

As nasty and sickening as it was, it was damn funny. I didn't get it at first and thought it was a just going to be a horror short. Can you blame me for most of your other works? I'm gonna go watch it again for the hell of it.

I hope to see Death's Curtain 3 soon. I'm loving your stuff!


you should make this longer

SickDeathFiend responds:

I'm juggling the idea of adding to it as a 'redux' version, adding all the scenes I didn't have time to add originally, to meet the deadline.

Zombies win again :)

Loved it!!!!!!!!