Reviews for "Don't Feed the Zombies!"

Wow over epic Zombie Time.

Most muffed up zombie action I've seen in a good while. Truly good Flash man. Zombie's epic fun ways well for zombies that is. I'd like to see another one like this but little longer and well idk cant say about animation of it its Awesome. This will be one of those i watch from now and then in my favs and probably laugh at it each time. Nom nom nom ... nom......... nom........... repeat....

silly rack heads

great flash!!!


I just kinda puked a little...
But that was a great effort. I rate for the effort, not result... Result was disturbing. e_o



my kind of humour right there...well its humorous to me anyway...good stuff with the squirrel and the ending.


The animation was cool, nice and bloody with a happy song, perfect blend