Reviews for "Don't Feed the Zombies!"


sry but just HAHAHA! Funny in it s gory ways!

besides loving this

there's one thing I never got about zombies...I'm pretty sure they human jaw cannot exert enough pressure to actually rip off the flesh of another human being...perhaps I'm wrong, but it would have to take a damn hard bite that would give people a few seconds during the bite to knock the uncoordinated zombies off of them


I like the skeleton on the ground trying to lick the guts. Halarious


And here i waited for some nerd to start talking about zombies or something. Boy was i wrong!


poor chipmunk, doesn't stand a chance XD

nomnomonom is funny, but your animation was really amazing, its gruesome, its raw, its bloody.. makes other people a little sick, its because your animation was good.. not some cheap blurry scribble lines with *BRAAAins stupid zombie sounds.. i'd definitely add this as a movie favorite XD

happy halloween nomnomnom!