Reviews for "Don't Feed the Zombies!"

Ohh Yeah

Just as we like it. Bloody, simple and morbid.
Great Job!


Awesome. X3

Unexpetedly Quaint

The allure of the film brings me into a time of where zombies are a joy to have/create. (the cinematographer's side of it anyways). As well as the pleasant intrigue as to what life is like as a zombie. I especially give props for the camera in the mouth shot, very original.

Thanks, and I will look foward to your next post on Halloween.


it was a good creepy animation makes me want to sleep with my sword at night for safity, if zombies were real.

Damn dood

those zombies straight destroy those people. eatn ladys faces, chowin down stomachs nd brains. the happy little squirrel, fucks my shit up! totally worth 10/10