Reviews for "Don't Feed the Zombies!"


The whole thing was hillarious. Especially the little squirrell at the start. Pay no attention to the little ass that gave you a 4 and gave you the zombie "facts". He's prolly either a 10 yr old with nothing to do.....or a 30 yr old that lives in his moms basement.

loved it

loved the song twist.
loved the grahics.

my favorite part is the very end where the zombie keeps eating that same piece that falls out of his stomach.

awesome job, keep it up.

HA HA!!!!!

Parry Grip is amazing!
5'd and 10'd!


one more... AHAHAHHAAaaa... wow that was awsome, i love how you started cute and loving to confuse the watcher and made the zombie just bite the damn squirrl's head right off ^^, i loved it, zombie thumbs up xD


you movies and pics have damage the minds of our youth cant wait to see what you do nextLOL