Reviews for "Don't Feed the Zombies!"

This brings me nostalgia of the good 2009 :)
wish i could find this kind of good videos today
but now they are just [&$@?

Very dark and funny just like the last time I saw it. Also, nice reference to Dead Rain Episode 2 by doing a better and gorier take of a zombie attack shot from the zombie's mouth. Kudos to you for that.

This movie has extremely demented sense of humor.

A lot of attention to details are paid to human anatomy in a lot of the drawings.

You basically need to know how the human body fits together before destroying it.

I remember having a conversation with sickdeathfiend once and he mentioned using gory pictures as reference material for his 2003 movies.

I can't imagine being able to carefully analyze that sort of reference material without becoming physically ill.

I like how your more recent submissions have effectively use the brush tool of flash.

The brush strokes were very clean.

I love how the blood is animated now.

I'm reminded of how livecorpse animated blood.

You seemed to have borrowed his technique for creating animated blood.

Not only did you borrow livecorpse's blood animation technique but also made improvements onto it.

A lot was accomplished to assistant with really highlighting a very demented sense of humor.

The improved visuals from past submissions will make for increasingly unsettling sickdeathfiend movies.

- Mightydein

SickDeathFiend responds:

thanks bruh! rip Livecorpse

this is so old but its pretty funny. most people would say THIS IS DISCUSTING but yeh, I like zombies, so im giving it a 4.5.

Jeg !LOVE! ZOMBIES Jeg Gave 5 Stars :-)