Reviews for "Don't Feed the Zombies!"


1 of best zombie related videos iv seen on new grounds, Great job

i love it!!!!!!

that was wonderfull!!!!!!!!!

this was great!

i can't stop laughing right now! i thought this was quite well animated and well drawn. you've done an outstanding job. ^-^

cool likw dead rain


Delightfully perverse

I need to express my admiration for this marvelous parody of the "nom nom nom",

You are a truly gifted animator, and artist,
these zombies look like they took forever to draw...
The animation wasn't quite as good, but still above par, and considering
the drawings extremely difficult to do.

The humor itself was very depraved, yet still comedic,
& the various "camera angles" kept this from becoming boring.

I do however feel it was a bit short, and I definitely feel you should have included
extras, because a piece like this deserves them...

You have a real talent for depicting salacious content,
in both a serious, and humorous fashion.

I only hope you'll keep it up...
- Celx

P.S. Was that naked chick with the cleaver, inspired by the monster from the end of
the spanish film" REC."?