Reviews for "CROW"


dude this is awesome but knowing the main character as i do he would have been all like "NINJA KILL!!!"

Jimtopia responds:



10/10 & 5/5

Very good animation, but it was short and the i din't get the story, but i like this animation, nice art work, the art work is amazing i really liked it and the music in the credits fits a lot, pretty much you deserve a 10/10 and a 5/5, and even added to my favorites.

This was spooky and scary, and i dislike being scared, i'm not brave, right? But anyways the crow looked 10 times scarier than my aunt! Lol, but anyways i really absolutely was enjoying this, this is almost about my 100th time i been playing this!

The Crows' graphics were amazing, and there scary, if i were you, i would have a bazooka with me and i shoot their butts down and they will cry like cry babies, suckers! I love the crows, the crows were really creative trying to eat up that man, brilliant. And does that guy in the beginning have a name? Because if he does, tell me what's his name.

You did a very good job on this animation, can't wait for the Christmas animation!:

Graphics: 10/10
Comedy: 0/10 (Wasn't really a funny animation.)
Music: 10/10
Animation: 10/10
Creative: 10/10
Total Score: 10/10
Word: One of the coolest Newgrounds animation seen ever in my life! You deserve 10 & 5 stars plus i will add this to my favorites right now. Make a very creative Chrismas animation!

10/10 & 5/5

Now i really hope you enjoy and just love my review, thanks for submitting a very brilliant and creative animation like this.

Characters remaining: (No need to ask, i just like to do this :D) 2,565


Great if you ask me, and also it has good graphics. ^^


Had A Dream just like this Except I Had a shot gun