Reviews for "CROW"


creepy :O lol .....nice halloween entry ! great work! :P
7/10 ..........4/5

Jimtopia responds:

Thanks! Glad you liked it.

I liked it.

The art was well done and the project was good for halloween.
I didn't see much plot though. He's in the darkness looking at crosses and crows take him. I don't mean to sound like I'm demeaning the content in that decription but I have no idea how else to put it. It's good nonetheless though.
Good luck in the competition. I hope you do well.

Jimtopia responds:

Understandable complaints, glad you at least found some redeeming qualities in it.

Seemed like a poor David Firth work.

The animation style was great but the plot was lacking and suspense was never built.

Also, gavinjayanand if this flash is called 'CROW' its safe to assume its not a raven, so please if you want to comment, nevermore.

Jimtopia responds:

There actually was a proper ending to this in the original draft but we were unable to make it happen due to time constraints. Thanks for the review though.


not too bad

Seems like a rip off

I would have scored you higher, but this looks like an almost straight rip off of the movie "The Crow : City of Angels"

Same thing happens to the bad guy at the end.

Nice art though.

Jimtopia responds:

Never seen, or even heard of that movie.